Appreciation From Glenor Roberts

On the eve of President Barack Obama taking office in 2008, Glenor Roberts, programme advisor to Mpenzi, part of The Healing Foundation, wrote in appreciation of Dr. Reagon:

I played your music today because I know your music was always intended to have and to deliver a message. We are in changing times as President Elect Obama gets ready to take up office. I believe your work contributed to that result. I remember your passion and your strength, your willingness to sing ‘tough’ and I equated your work with that of the writings of sisters such as Alice Walker and Audre Lorde and of other activists such as Angela Davis and Merle Collins.

Thank you for your commitment over the years that has brought about a change in the US to which many have contributed, including yourselves. Your collective victory is ours here too. We can no longer look at life and generate excuses in the same old ways for our inaction, or fear. We have to believe that here too, in the UK, in Europe, we have to dare to be bold, to be audacious. I shall never think of The White House in the same way again. My reality has shifting and is shifting as I take in Obama’s stance and the achievement.

…In the meantime and whatever might happen in the future, I thank you again for your love and your commitment to people and to your goodness of heart that brought you to the work you do.”