Composed by Bernice Johnson Reagon, copyright: Songtalk Publishing Co.

I been thinking about how to talk about greed
I been thinking about how to talk about greed
I been wondering if I could sing about greed
Trying to find a way to talk about greed

Alternate refrain pattern:
I been trying to think about how to talk about greed...

	Greed is a poison rising in this land
	The soul of the people twisted in its command.
	It moves like a virus, seeking out everyone
	Greed never stops, its work is never ever done.
	A creeping killing choking invading everywhere
	There is really no escaping greed’s tricky snare.
	Nothing seems to stop it once it enters your soul
	It has you buying anything, spending out of control.
	Not partial to gender, or your sexual desires
	All it wants is you to want to won to possess and to buy.
	It moves within the culture, touching us all
	Greed really isn’t picky, it’ll make anybody fall.
	It’s been around a long time, since way before we began
	Before this was a nation, greed drove people to this land.
	Greed is a strain in the American Dream
	Having more than you need is the essential theme.
	Everybody wanting more than they need to survive
	Is a perfect indication, greed has settled inside.
	Maybe you don’t really know exactly what I mean
	You don’t really want to know about your and my greed.
	You may wonder whether you are infected by greed
	If you have to ask, then this song you really need.
	Greed is sneaky and hard to detect in myself
	It shows itself clearly in everybody else.

Ending cadence:
	I can see it in you, 
	You can see it in me
	We can see it in big corporations, 
	All throughout the government, 
	See it in the banks, 
	I can see it in the military
	See it in church, 
	I can see it in my neighbor
	It all shows up clearly, 
	You and you and your greed.
	I been trying to find a way to talk about greed...